Business growth in an Artisan market…

About This Project

Who says an artisan start up sauces business cannot be the market leading premium sauce brand in the UK premium category?


This is the key objective of Stokes Sauces after gradually growing and developing the company since it was founded in 2004. 


As part of the growth plan the company decided to invest in the company in the form of capital expenditure to improve efficiency in order to maintain their competitive advantage and increase capacity to meet the sales demand they are continuing to develop.


Powlett & Associates led the client through the rural development grant process with the development of a plan for funding; grant was awarded in spring 2018. The funds have allowed Stokes to grow the business by increasing turnover, profitability and create new jobs as well as diversify the products into new market segments. The investment led to the purchase and installation of equipment to allow Stokes to enter the squeezy bottle market which was not part of their offer.

Business Plan Analysis, Funding and Grants