To Plough or not to Plough?

About This Project

The farming industry is facing pressures ranging from environmental -climate change and environmental pressures – to farm safety to political pressures, Brexit, and global demand for food and its security.


Farms are restructuring and reinvesting in their businesses to meet these challenges to farm as efficiently and effectively as possible in a sustainable way to meet market and customer demand.


A key issue and uncertainty over future farming payments and the change in agriculture policy and requirements to farm in an environmentally sensitive manner has driven farm businesses to review their methods of cultivations. 


Powlett & Associates supported America Farm to successfully access grant funding to support the purchase of a new direct drill. The benefits of the drill on the land farmed at America Farm are that it will allow the inclusion of grass leys in the arable rotation, and the use of cover crops, reducing winter nutrient runoff, maintaining a green cover, and improving soil biology. Direct drilling also improves soil structure leading to reduced flooding, better moisture management from green cover, and healthier crops produced using fewer inputs. A direct drill significantly reduces the number of passes required to establish a crop, therefore reducing both carbon footprint and soil compaction seen within the field. This, in time will improve the soil health and structure, allowing for increased soil organic matter and better water infiltration. 


Through the completion of this project, it has enabled the controlled expenditure and reduce costs of the farm. It has been part of an overall plan to improve farm productivity and net profitability. The environmental benefits of the drill have been shared with neighbouring farmers who contract it on their land. 

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