A right rural adventure!

About This Project

A wildlife park in Norfolk? Who’d have thought it!


However, due to a passion and understanding of conservation work globally the client together with Powlett & Associates and the planning consultancy Rural Solutions brought together a definitive five-year business plan as part of a farm diversification operation.


The aim of the plan was to provide the development of a unique visitor experience to Norfolk that will offer visitors the chance to see extraordinary, non-predatory wildlife close-up in a natural, open environment without cages or pens. The new Wildlife Park will aim to promote the opportunity to understand the story of conservation work to visitors for native and non-native species whilst also raising awareness of Norfolk wildlife. It will lead tours around the Park from an educationally fitted out trailer “mobile classroom” for visitors to the area of all ages and interests.


The project built on the sites existing herds of water buffalo, deer and antelope mix including Scimitar Horned Oryx, Barasingha deer and Sitatunga. This is in addition to birds and ducks from all over the world including the Great Bustard, made extinct in the UK in 1832.


Powlett & Associates led the client through the rural development grant process; grant was awarded in spring 2019. The Park will be open to visitors in early 2020. It will provide not only an additional income stream to the existing farm business but also provide a positive economic impact to the local area by bringing additional and much needed visitor spend into the local economy such as, pubs, restaurants, shops, garages, hotels and other services. The Wildlife Park will promote local outlets thereby benefitting other local suppliers.

Business Plan Analysis, Funding and Grants, Proposal Writing