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Rural Management Consultancy

Building on over 25 years’ experience, Powlett and Associates Limited works with and successfully advise rural based businesses and organisations to help them develop new goals to move forward and successfully meet the challenges that they face in the 21st Century.

Clients benefit from our considerable experience with developing and co-ordinating effective public and private sector partnerships.  Many have led to strategic programme and project developments and securing rural funding.


Emma, a chartered surveyor, was for 16 years Defra’s lead on Rural Economic and Development issues across the East of England region. Through her lead role Emma has strategic experience in developing policy and initiatives that have influenced the sustainable development agenda. She has a clear understanding of factors that link the environment to the food and farming sectors and with her wide experience in influencing and working in partnership with a wide range of rural stakeholders and organisations.  Emma has brought about many positive changes to the rural economy.


Emma cooperates with a number of other consultants to extend the resources available to projects enabling a pool of expertise to be deployed when needed to meet clients’ specific needs. She is the Chair of the forward thinking rural consultancy group Anglia Rural Consultants (ARC).


Emma Powlett – Principle Consultant

Emma has extensive experience in developing and influencing rural policy in England at national and local level. She has developed and managed European Rural Development Programmes that have specifically helped agricultural business develop and diversify. Her knowledge and understanding of the public sector grant system is a strength that has enabled her to support private sector businesses to unlock aid that has led to the achievement of sustainable outcomes and business growth. Emma can help you in achieving your goals by navigating and identifying externally sourced funds and increasing the likelihood of applications being successful.


With a background and understanding for supporting the food and farming supply chain Powlett and Associates Limited can provide assistance to schools to support them in addressing the issues and challenges they face in improving the food in schools.


With the one constant in business being change, Powlett and Associates Limited can take the lead on activities that will:

  • Provide support to rural businesses and organisations in both the public, private and voluntary sectors to adapt to economic changes, opportunities and risks.
  • Provide guidance to private sector businesses on business planning and development of long term funding strategies.
  • Develop and contribute to future policy through the development of strategic plans to the benefit of the rural economy.
  • Support the educational sector to develop initiatives that will provide pupils and staff with healthier ways of living within their own school environment.


Business plan analysis

Having had over 25 years’ experience in assessing business plans for suitability for allocation of public sector grant funding we have the skills and insights to review and analyse plans succinctly. We can assess whether they are suitable to deliver the goods and services and will be able to meet their goals in a realistic and sustainable manner as well as other key approval criteria.

UK and European funding schemes

We have a wide and extensive knowledge of UK and European funding programmes having worked in this arena for over 20 years to the benefit of our clients. Through our involvement with the development and drafting of key local and regional funding strategies we have driven the sustainable development agenda forward leading to flag-ship initiatives.

Programme and project management

Using our experience and knowledge in delivering programme and project management we have successfully managed and delivered European funded rural programmes in the East of England since 1993. These have led to a positive economic impact in the rural economy through its development and diversification.

Proposal writing

Using our experience and knowledge we have developed successful funding applications securing the finance to enable business expansion and diversification. These can range from a full and detailed business plans working in a broad-based public and private sector partnership to application reviews for individual projects prior to submission. Our approach to writing proposals is flexible and can work according to each client’s specific requirements.

Strategic planning

Our considerable experience in developing plans internally and advising at a senior level for regional and national bodies has led to the development and delivery of key rural strategies. We have worked and developed public, private and voluntary sector partnerships for a wide range of rural stakeholders and organisations. This work has brought about a positive change to the rural economy.


Through our work we have contributed to the development rural policy at a national and regional level. At a more micro scale we have led on the development of new school policies that have been instrumental in bringing about change in the school’s food and healthy living culture.

Photo by kind permission of Jonathan Dix
Photo by kind permission of Jonathan Dix
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Services are delivered by a qualified Chartered Surveyor operating as a Rural Management Consultant individually or collaboratively with a network of proven partners.

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  • Programme and Project Management
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