LEADER, Rural Development Programme

About This Project

Emma has been involved in managing and developing LEADER Programmes since 1993. The programme is an EU funded rural grant programme and designed to support local businesses, communities, farmers, foresters and land managers. Emma has managed the scheme on behalf of Defra whilst working closely with LEADER Local Action Groups across the East of England and also now as an independent is a member of a Local Action Group.

With her understanding and knowledge of issues that affect the rural economy this enabled Powlett and Associates to draft successfully Local Development Strategies in 2014 for seven LEADER Local Action Groups that have secured European funds.

Working for Natural England Powlett and Associates ran a series of successful and positive workshops specifically to bring together those involved with environmental land management, and the LEADER Programme Managers for the 2014-2020 RDPE Programme to explore new ways of working to achieve mutual objectives that will lead to sustainable development across the LEADER Areas.

Powlett and Associates continue to play a role in LEADER through the work carried out in analysing and completing full application appraisals for projects seeking rural development funds.

Business Plan Analysis, Funding and Grants, Policy, Strategic Planning