Promoting the School Environment

About This Project


As a result of poor catering in a primary school the uptake for lunchtime meals was very low and staff were dissatisfied with the food. Powlett and Associates Ltd were able to develop a new Whole School Food Policy to enable the school to fulfil its duty to foster a healthy eating culture in line with Government directives.

Actioning the Whole School Food Policy we turned around the school catering provision by building the business case for change and implemented it through supporting the school with the management of the tender process that led to identify and employ the right caterer to develop the lunchtime services.

The outcomes within a year were:

  • An increase in uptake of school meals from just less than 40% to over 70%.
  • All food provided and cooked on site from locally sourced growers and farmers.
  • The employment of three staff in the kitchen from the village.
  • A net profit gained that has been used for reinvestment into the school.
  • Lunches provided for  the older citizens of the village

Green space

The green spaces at schools are vital in promoting a healthy wellbeing of its pupils.

After consultation with children, parents, staff and governors, Powlett and Associates Ltd developed a long term green strategy for a better use of green space at a school. The objectives were to:

  • Improve the existing school green areas of the school by landscape them to make an interesting and creative place to learn and to be in.
  • To provide areas for flower and vegetable beds; waste management –composting and wormeries etc.
  • To link with the village through the Gardening Club, the pre School and village clubs such as the Scouts and Brownies.

Powlett and Associates Ltd secured grants from the public, private and voluntary sectors to develop and improve green spaces for the benefit of the children and the local community. The school as a result was able to act as the main focal point within a hub for virtual green corridors to other key areas within the village.

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